Coach Code of Conduct.

All of our Coaches, Instructors & Official shall:

1) Not Condone, or allow to go unchallenged, any breaches of these Standards of Conduct

2) Report, any serious breaches of any of British Gymnastics’ policies or standards and not take or threaten any action to discourage or penalise any other Member from doing so Personal Behaviour

3) Display high personal standards, moderate and responsible behaviour and a favourable image that is befitting to their role in the sport at all times

4) Not behave or conduct themselves in any other manner which could bring the sport of gymnastics, British Gymnastics, its Affiliated Associations or Registered Clubs into disrepute or damage the reputation of British Gymnastics

5) Dress appropriately with safety considerations in mind and within the accepted traditions of the sport

6) Not consume alcohol or substances which may impact judgment, performance or behaviours before or whilst coaching, instructing or officiating, in excess at any gymnastics event, before driving on gymnastics business or while under the age of 18 during a gymnastics event or trip

7) Not smoke whilst coaching, instructing or officiating

8) Not make offensive or abusive remarks/jokes, derogatory comments, suggestive comments, or use unnecessary aggression or intimidation, malicious gossip or call people by offensive nicknames within the gymnastics environment

9) Not to carry out unwelcome flirting, sexual advances or unnecessary touching within the gymnastics environment

10) Not bully, harass or discriminate against an individual or group of people as a direct or indirect result of their gender reassignment, age, ethnic origin, religion/ belief, sexual orientation, disability pregnancy, marriage/ civil partnership

11) Not cause offence or intimidation through non-verbal conduct and refrain from gestures that could be offensive

12) Not display offensive or inappropriate pictures, objects, written material (including slogans on clothing), tattoos, graffiti, flags or badges and social media posts Confidentiality

13) Respect the confidentiality of information provided to them concerning participants or fellow Coaches, Instructors or and Officials, subject to any safeguarding requirements Competitions/ events

14) Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, with dignity

15) Treat participants and others attending at any gymnastic event with dignity and respect

16) Not question the decisions of officials except through accepted procedures and ensure that differences of opinion or conflicts in respect of any competition decisions, are dealt with through proper and accepted processes

17) Not take bribes, bet on, attempt to manipulate results or be involved in any other form of corruption in relation to any gymnastics competitions Safeguarding

18) Not abuse or misuse any relationship of trust or position of power or influence

19) Report promptly any concerns, or present evidence or other information concerning any abuse or neglect of a child or adult at risk or other matter within the scope of the British Gymnastics Safeguarding Policy and provide full particulars of the matter to British Gymnastics

20) Cooperate fully with British Gymnastics and other relevant authorities when requested to disclose any documents, provide any evidence or other information and provide a written statement in connection with any investigation by British Gymnastics or other authority

21) Not victimise, attempt to victimise or encourage the victimisation of any individual (or their parents, guardians or dependents) for raising concerns or making a Complaint

22) Inform British Gymnastics if they are arrested for or charged with a criminal offence

23) Inform British Gymnastics of any criminal conviction, caution or warning issued by the police

24) Complete a British Gymnastics Criminal Records check as described in the Criminal Record Checks Policy and Guidelines document. Misrepresentation

25) Not misrepresent their qualifications, registrations, affiliations or professional status

26) Not claim to represent Great Britain, the United Kingdom or British Gymnastics without the written permission of British Gymnastics

27) Not claim to represent any of the Home Countries without the written permission of the applicable Home Country Association Coaching

28) Hold a British Gymnastics coaching, instructing or judging qualifications appropriate to the activities their gymnasts are performing and only coach, instruct, or officiate over those disciplines, skills, and activities for which they are both qualified and capable

29) Not disparage or intimidate gymnasts or seek to poach gymnasts from their Primary Club

30) Accept responsibility for the conduct of gymnasts coached or instructed by them

31) Not compromise gymnasts by advocating measures that contravene any competition rules to gain unfair advantage

32) Not coach or instruct a gymnast without prior agreement from the gymnast’s own coach or instructor. Where a gymnast or their parents request a coach or instructor to agree to additional or alternative coaching this agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Acceptance of membership of a squad will imply agreement to be trained by other coaches

33) If coaching or instructing services are requested by a gymnast of another club, discuss the matter with that club and that gymnast’s own coach or instructor

34) Not discuss the performance of a gymnast during a competition within the earshot of any coach, gymnast or member of the public

35) Not to engage in practices which are known to be harmful to the physical or psychological wellbeing of a gymnast, e.g. inappropriate or excessive weighing or restriction of access to food and fluids