Code of Conduct.

1. If the compulsory British Gymnastics membership is not paid directly to BG after your initial 2 sessions at the Club, or by 1st October each year if you’re already attending, you will not be permitted to take part in the sessions.

2. Upon arrival please ensure your attendance is recorded. You should also make every effort to arrive on time for every session.

3. Throughout the sessions you must act responsibly and not endanger others. Children should not attempt moves beyond their capabilities; and continuously somersault one after another, as this is a real safety issue.

4. Children must respect all other children, coaches and any other adults; and must follow all instructions given.

5. Children must respect property and belongings at all times.

6. Appropriate language should be used at all times.

7. No children should leave the hall during a session. If you need to go to the toilet during the session, please advise one of the coaches or Welfare Officers.

8. If you have to leave the hall for any reason, please ensure you put your shoes/trainers back on again, and do not walk across any part of the badminton courts.

9. Shoes/trainers must be kept on until all equipment is out and set up correctly.

10. Please help clear up at the end of the session by returning the crash mats to the storage area. Only those who have been trained should put away trampolines. This does not apply to the first 2 Sunday sessions.

11. Please purchase any necessary drinks and food on the way in to the session, to assist with the running of the session. No fizzy drinks please. Please use sports bottles only.

12. Suitable clothing must be worn – no jeans. Socks must be worn whilst on the trampolines.

13. Long hair must be tied back.

14. No jewellery or watches are to be worn whilst trampolining. Stud earrings are permitted. Any other piercings must be removed (e.g. belly button, tongue, etc.)

15. There must be at least 1 spotter on each open length of the trampoline at all times. Children that are tall enough to spot should take it in turns to do so.

16. No eating or drinking on the trampolines. There must be no litter near the trampolines. Any litter must be cleared up and removed from the hall.

17. If you have any pre-existing injuries or sustain any injuries, you must inform one of the coaches.

18. Mobile phones should not be used during sessions. The coaches will confiscate them until the end of the session if necessary.

19. Please ensure that you have the correct sessional fee, either that of a member or non-member of Wight Flyers. Those without the correct amount will not be permitted to take part in the session.

20. If you are away for an extended period or you do not intend to return please notify the Club so that your space can be allocated to the next person on the waiting list. This can be done via the contact form on our website or Facebook page.