Covid-19 club information.

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Health and Hygiene at Wight Flyers

Because of the current situation regarding Covid-19 and the resulting pandemic, Wight Flyers Trampoline and Gymnastics Club is temporarily closed. We are currently discussing and will be planning ways in which we can reopen our club in the safest possible way. Please understand we are based inside a leisure centre and will be working closely with the management team there to work out the best way forward. We would like to remind all our members and visitors about additional measures that are in place to minimise the risk of infection.
This information will be updated inline with advise from British Gymnastcs and Government to keep everybody as safe as possible.
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How to wash your hands - guidance
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NHS – coronavirus information

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Wight Flyers Trampoline and Gymnastics Club take health and safety seriously. If you observe anything that will put anybody at risk please report it to a member of staff immediately.