Wight Flyers Trampoline & Gymnastics Club.

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Where it started

In 1977 Ann & Fred Isaac formed the Wight Flyers Trampoline club at West Wight Middle School, Freshwater on the Isle of Wight. In 1978, when a sports hall became available, Wightflyers opened a second location at Medina sports center Newport, the main town in the centre of the Island. The club operated at two locations for several years specialising in Gymnastics at West Wight and the trampoline at Newport. As the club grew, Fred together with Ann, took the club forward with the help of others who came and went.
In 1984, Wight Flyers linked with Portsmouth for competitions at national level. Wight Flyers grew in size and standards reached an all time high in the late 1980's. From around 1986-91 Portsmouth and Wight Flyers were National Ladies Team champions on 6 successive occasions with Senior Internationals - Vanessa Webb, Karen Earle and Jo Turner all prominent. Vanessa won world age under 15 title in the USA in 1988 with Karen & Jo winning bronze in Synchro under 18 at the same time.
The link with Portsmouth ended in 92 when the competition structure was changed.
In 1993, Ian Morgan joined Wight Flyers as a coach.
The later part of the 90's saw a decline in numbers within the club making standards hard to maintain. The club saw an upward trend around 2000 with two competitors competing at grade 1 national.
Ian Morgan took over as head coach of Wight Flyers in 2001 and together with a supporting committee and a team of coaches the club has a good strong and competitive future ahead.

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About us now

Wight Flyers are based at Medina Leisure Centre with a satalite location based at Sandown Bay Academy. We have an active membership of over 150 children and adults. The Club has between 15 and 20 competitive members who travel all around southern England to attend various competitions run by British Gymnastics. The remainder are recreational members who come along for a bit of fun and to learn some skills on the trampoline. (We even have a few Mums and Dads who take part as well)!

Wight Flyers is a not-for-profit sports club affiliated to British Gymnastics and run by volunteers all qualified in their particular roles within the club. We have a volunteer committee that meet several times a year to discuss the long term strategic direction of the club and day to day matters such as safety, welfare, training, maintenance, procurement etc.

Committee members include:
Chairman - Richard Gower-Crane (Coach and website)
Club treasurer and Head coach - Ian Morgan (Coach and Trampolining judge)
Club secretary - John Leman (Coach and County Trampolining judge)
Hanne Miller (Competition admin and County Trampolining judge + Club DMT judge)
Kelly Waddhams (Welfare)
Jackie Wright (Admin)
Mel Collins (Admin)
Eleanor Gower-Crane (Coach and Trampolining judge)
Kira Gutteridge - (Coach)

Wight Flyers Trampoline and Gymnastics club was formed in 1977.