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27th June 2018 Wight Flyers took delivery of the islands only Ultimate Trampoline. This impressive state of the art piece of equipment has outstanding improvements in durability, usability, safety and stability.

On Sunday 26th February 2017, Tianna Gutteridge finished 1st in her NDP competition held in Abingdon.

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On Sunday 5th February trampolinists from across the island competed in the Zonal Round of the National Schools Trampoline Championships. All competitors had qualified from the regional round held in December as either a team or individual or both. The competitors faced qualifiers from the South, South East, South West and London regions.
In the Elite Under19 Girls, Kerry Miller (Cowes Enterprise College) placed 9th individually. She was joined by Lucy Miller and Tai-la Waddams in the team event in which Cowes Enterprise College placed 6th. In the Elite Under19 Boys, Sam Sibbick (Carrisbrooke College) placed 6th individually.
In the Intermediate Under11 Girls, Alannah Denness (The Bay Primary) placed 12th individually. In the Intermediate Under14 Girls, Christ the King were competing in the team event; and the members of this team were Baylee Haywood, Tia Mitchell, Jessica Plumbley and Lucy Ellen; they finished 6th.

On Sunday 29th January 17 members of Wight Flyers travelled to Milton Keynes for the first regional competition of the year. All competitors competed in the National Development Plan where grades varied from NDP 1-NDP 7 with seven being the highest. The majority of competitors were competing their hardest routines to date, and all performed very well with some being in large classes.
In NDP 7 15-16 Boys, Sam Sibbick finished in 1st. In NDP 5 13-14 Girls, Sophie Gallagher placed 7th. Kerry Miller placed 13th in NDP 5 15+ Girls.
In the NDP 4 13+ Girls, Cerys Horner placed 5th, Baylee Haywood 12th, Kira Gutteridge 21st, Tianna Gutteridge 22nd, Jessica Plumbley 24th, Tai-la Waddams 25th, Georgia Rigby 26th and Lucy Ellen 28th. In the NDP 4 13+ Boys, Daniel Harris placed 5th in his first ever competition.
Alannah Denness placed 4th in the NDP 3 11-12 Girls. In NDP 2 13+ Girls, Lucy Miller and Amy Durrant placed 8th and 10th respectively. In NDP 1 11-12 Girls, Sophie Whittington and Mia Toogood placed 9th and 13th respectively.
Wight Flyers will compete again at the second regional in Abingdon on February 26th.

On Sunday 4th Decemer trampolinists from across the Island competed in the Southern Region Schools Championships. The competition compromised of three different categories: Elite, Intermediate and Novice.
The Elite classes were for those at the top regional and national level. In the Elite under 14 Girls, Cerys Horner (Carisbrooke College) placed 8th. In the Elite under 19 Boys Sam Sibbick (Carisbrooke College) came 1st. In the Elite under 19 Girls Kerry Miller (Cowes Enterprise College) placed 1st, Tianna Gutteridge (Carisbrooke College) placed 5th, Tai-la Waddams (Cowes Enterprise College) placed 6th, Kira Gutteridge (Carisbrooke College) placed 9th and Lucy Miller (Cowes Enterprise College) placed 12th. In the same class, the team from Cowes Enterprise College: Kerry, Tai-la and Lucy placed 2nd.
In the intermediate classes, Alannah Denness (The Bay Primary) finished in 3rd place in the under 11 Girls. In the under 14 Girls: Baylee Haywood placed 4th, Lucy Ellen placed 8th, Tia Mitchell placed 12th and Jessica Plumbley placed 13th (all representing Christ the King College). The above four from Christ the King, took 1st place in the team competition.
In Novice under 11 Boys, Sean Brown (Dover Park Primary) finished in 8th and Mikey Montgomery (Cowes Primary) finished in 11th. In the Under 11 Girls, Kiera Williams (Queensgate Primary) placed 30th and Jessica Drew (Gurnard Primary) placed 39th. In the Under 14 Girls, Mia Toogood placed 34th and Sophie Whittington placed 39th (both Medina College).
Any individual who finished in the top 3 and any team which finish in the top 2, qualify for the Zonal Round where they will compete against the qualifiers from the South, South East, South West and London regions. Two teams qualified, the Under 19 Elite Girls from Cowes Enterprise College (Kerry, Tai-la and Lucy) also the Under 14 Intermediate Girls from Christ the King (Baylee, Lucy, Tia and Jessica). The island had 3 individuals qualify: Kerry Miller, Sam Sibbick and Alannah Denness. The Zonal round is taking place on 5th February in Taunton, Somerset.

On Saturday 26th November two Wight Flyers members, Kerry Miller and Sam Sibbick travelled to the Olympic Park, London to compete in the National Trampoline League Finals held at the Olympic Velodrome. Both had gained enough points throughout the season to be invited to the event.

Sam and Kerry both successfully completed their two routines. Kerry placed 21st overall in the League 3 17-18 Girls. Sam finished in 5th place in the League 3 13-14 Boys. This secured him a place in Sunday’s final where the top eight from the previous day battled it out for the medals. After a fantastic routine Sam secured the bronze medal.

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22/11/16 Wight Flyers Trampoline & Gymnastics club have taken delivery of their new Evo Floor 15 Super Tumble Track.

Wight Flyers Trampoline & Gymnastics Club are pleased to announce a brand-new Evo Floor 15 Super Tumble Track. With the level of interest and ability rapidly growing the decision was made on November 16th to order this exciting new piece of equipment. The tumble track is on order and we simply can't wait for its arrival. Watch the short YouTube clip to find out more.

On Sunday 9 October, all 16 squad members of Wight Flyers Trampoline Club, travelled to Haselmere for the annual Southern Region team competition.
The club had a team in each division, division 1 being the higher level.
In division 1 the team finished a well deserved 7th after solid routines from all eight members. The team included Kerry Miller, Sam Sibbick, Tai-la Waddams, Kira Gutteridge, Baylee Haywood, Tia Mitchell, Lucy Miller and Lucy Ellen.
In division 2 the team finished in 8th after all members competed well. The team included Tianna Gutteridge, Amy Durrant, Cerys Horner, Georgia Rigby, Jessica Plumbley, Alannah Denness, Sophie Whittington and Mia Toogood. For both Sophie and Mia it was their first competition at regional level.
The next competition for the majority is the Regional round of the National Schools Competition in December in Abingdon. 

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